You Can Make a Difference: Walk Like MADD Richmond

Are you looking for a way to impact your community?

One of the ways you can help is by creating a walk team for Walk Like MADD Richmond, VA, coming up on March 31.

There are many creative ways you and your team can fundraise to help spread awareness and end drunk driving in our community.

George and Cindy Seal, Lisa Black, of Team Bean and Black, promote their WLM BBQ Fundraiser

One of our favorite creative fundraisers this year comes from Team Bean and Black. Co-leaders, George and Cindy Seal cook up BBQ, and their co-leader Lisa Black helps sell it—all to support their Walk Like MADD team!

There are so many fun and community-involving ways you can fundraise with your WLM Team! A great resource for fundraising tips and ideas is the WLM Richmond Participant Center page (linked here). At this page, you’ll find Fundraising Tips from A-Z, A “How-To Raise $500” Guide, a Restaurant Give Back Night Guide, Participant Fundraising Tips, and MUCH more!

Walk Like MADD Richmond is coming up on Saturday, March 31. Let’s Walk together to create a future of #NoMoreVictims!