Make Your Gift Go Further – Double Your Donation with a Matching Gift

Many companies have matching gift programs which means if an employee donates money to a charity, the company will make a donation in the same amount to that same charity.  If you have registered to participate in one of our Walk Like MADD events, donated money to a Walk team, donated to MADD in memory of an impaired driving victim, or donated money to MADD for any other purpose or campaign, your donation may be eligible for a matching gift program.  To find out if your company participates, contact your Human Resources department and complete the form required.

In addition, some companies also make donations to non-profits for every volunteer hour contributed by their employees!  Ask your Human Resources department if your volunteer hours are eligible for this type of matching gift program.  If so, contact us to help you verify your MADD volunteer hours.  (Volunteer hours may include time served speaking or facilitating a Victim Impact Panel, leading a Walk Like MADD team or event, handing out awareness materials such as ribbons for events like Tie One On For Safety, etc.)

For more information or explanation of matching gift programs, go to Double the Donation.