Instructions for Registering for Walk Like MADD

Where do I go to get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Find an Event.”
  3. Choose the state where you’d like to participate.
  4. Click on the Walk event in which you’d like to participate.
  5. Click “Register” to begin your 5-Step Registration process.

Step #1:  Registration Type

  1. Choose your Registration/Participant Type.
    1. Adult & Youth Walkers (Registration fees are lower during the Early Registration period.)
    2. Virtual Adult & Virtual Youth Walkers (There are no registration fees associated with these options.  Choose this option for those who cannot attend the event, but want to help raise money and support MADD.)
  2. Choose your role.
    1. If you choose “Individual,” you are finished with Step #1.  Click “continue to next step.”
    2. If you click “Join a Team,” it will ask you to “Find a Team to Join” and provide you with a search box.
      1. You can scroll through the list of existing teams to select one. You can also type in the name of a team and click “search” to select one.
      2. Once you select a team, you are finished with Step #1.  Click “continue to next step.”
    3. If you click “Create a Team” it will ask you to select a “Team Type.”
      1. You will also be asked to select a team name.
      2. Once you have done that, you are finished with Step #1.  Click “continue to next step.”
    4. At the top of the next page, it will explain which registrants get a t-shirt.

Step #2:  Registration Details

  1. First, it will ask you for your Fundraising Goal.  This question refers to your individual goal. (You become eligible for exclusive Walk Like MADD product prizes when you raise at least $250.)

    2.  If you are creating a team, it will ask you for your Team Fundraising Goal as well.  (If you are not creating a team, it will not ask you for this information.)  (If you have a goal of 5 team members each with a $250 individual goal, your team goal would be $1,250.)

    3.  Click “Yes” or “No” to indicate if you would like to receive a Walk Like MADD t-shirt.4.  Click “Yes” or “No” to indicate if you would like your t-shirt to be red to indicate that you are a victim/survivor.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow in the box to select your t-shirt size.
  3. Click “Yes” if you are interested in learning more about Walk Like MADD volunteer opportunities.
  4. You are finished with Step #2.  Click “Continue to next step.”

Step #3:  Contact Details

  1. If you have previously participated in Walk Like MADD:
  2. Click “Login to your account” in order to link your new registration to your previous account.  This step will allow you to access any previous Walk page you created with photos or your Walk story so that it will not have to be re-created.  (You will need to click the link at the end of this page for instructions to “Import Content from a Previous Walk” to complete this process after you have completed all 5 Registration Steps.)
  3. Enter the email address and password you used to create your Walk Like MADD account and click “Login.”  (If you have forgotten your password, you may click “Forgot password?” for assistance in accessing your account.  If you cannot remember the email address you used to create your account, contact the MADD Tennessee office at 800-544-6233 for assistance.)
  4. Once you login, the system will automatically fill-in all contact information details based on what you entered last year.
  5. Double –check that all the information is accurate and make any updates as needed.
  6. You have completed Step #3.  Click “continue to next step.”
  7. If you have NOT previously participated in Walk Like MADD:
  8. Complete the name, address, and phone number fields to set-up your account.
  9. Select a choice for why you are supporting this cause.
  10. Click “yes” if you would like to receive additional news and updates from MADD.
  11. Enter your email address and create a password to complete the steps of creating your account.
  12. You have completed Step #3.  Click “continue to next step.”

Step #4:  Donation Information

  1. Click “yes…” or “no…” to indicate if you would like to make an initial donation towards your Walk goal. (This donation is in addition to any Registration fees.)
  2. If you click “yes…”  a donation box will appear asking you to enter the amount of the donation you would like to make.  After you enter the amount of your donation you are finished with Step #4.
  3. If you click “no…” you are finished with Step #4.
  4. Enter payment Information
  5. If you logged in with your email and password to access your account information from last year, your payment information has been retained.  You will not be asked to enter Payment Information at this step.  (You will have a chance to change your payment method during Step #5 before you complete your registration.)
  6. If you have set-up a new Walk Like MADD account, you will be asked to provide a payment method for your registration fees and any additional donation you wish to make.  Follow the on-screen prompts to enter this information.
  7. Click “continue to next step.”

Step #5: Complete Registration

  1. On this page, the information you entered for each step of registration will be summarized.
  2. Please review each section for accuracy.  Click “Make changes” to any section for which corrections need to be made. (This is also where you can make changes to the payment method that was retained from last year, if you would like.  Just click “Make Changes” next to the “Donation and Payment Information” section.)
  3. Also, under “Donation and Payment Information” you will be asked if you would like to “…cover processing costs” as you pay your registration fees and/or donation.  This refers to additional costs charged to MADD by the bank for processing your credit/debit card transaction.  They are typically a small percentage of the transaction.  On average, fees on a $100 charge would amount to between $2.50 and $3.  If you would be willing to pay this processing fee on behalf of MADD, you would check this option.
  4. Click the button to indicate you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.  (You can click “Terms and Conditions” in red to read the full terms and Conditions.)
  5. Click the red button at the bottom that shows the amount of your final transaction to pay the amount.

YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED REGISTRATION and should see a screen that thanks you for registering.  


Now what?  This page also provides you with tips for what you can do to meet your goals for Walk Like MADD. 

  1. Under  “share”  to the right of the screen, you can let everyone know that you are participating in Walk Like MADD and invite them to  support you or even join you, using a variety of social media tools.
  2. Under the “What’s Next” section, on the bottom right of the screen:
  3. You can  click, “register another participant” to add additional family/team members to a team.
  4. You can click, “personalize your fundraising page” to add a photo of someone you wish to honor or remember with your team or individual page and tell the story of why you are participating in the Walk.  (If you logged in using your account information from last year, you can click here for “Instructions to Import Content from a Previous Walkto complete the process of tying your previous Walk page info to your current page.)
  5. By clicking “View Dashboard” you can check the status of your personal fundraising goals and your team fundraising goals (if you created a team), invite your friends to join your team or donate, and access lots of other exciting tools and resources to help you have a successful event!
  6. You can click, “make a donation”, to enter the team name to whom you wish to donate and make an additional donation. (You can also donate to your own team/page by going to your dashboard.)

If you had a Walk team previously and would like to use the same story/photo from last year’s (or another year’s) page, click here for “Instructions to Import Content from a Previous Walk.

Thank you for participating in Walk Like MADD!