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June 2020 Online Power of Parent Zoom Presentation

Thu, June 11th, 6:00PM

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June 2020 Power of Parents Workshop

This year has brought so many challenges for our teens and tweens – fear of a new disease, disappointments about missing important key events, social isolation from peer groups, stress from home school, and anxiety from the unknown.  Our kids handle stress differently than we do.  It’s important for parents to be aware of what these kinds of pressures can mean to kids and to recognize how they can lead to coping mechanisms that involve alcohol and drugs.  Also, now that our state is starting to open up and belated graduation and/or prom celebrations may be on the horizon, we remind parents that these types of milestones have traditionally brought new opportunities for teens to encounter alcohol and drugs.

But parent involvement is one of the biggest factors in a child’s decision to use or not.  What you say matters!  When you talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol, they listen.  They may not show it, but your input is the leading influence on rather or not they participate.

Join us for a FREE parent workshop that will offer you guidance on how to have the conversation effectively and make the most of your influence with the Power of Parents!  Contact us at [email protected] to sign-up and get Zoom login information.