Teddy Bears Make a Difference

This week we went to visit the Grand Prairie Police Department to provide teddy bears for them to give to children endangered by drunk driving. The truth of the matter is that over 50% of children involved in a drunk driving crash are riding with the offender. This can be a terrifying and traumatic experience for a child and MADD wanted to give teddy bears to police officers so that they might be able to give a bit of hope to scared children in just such a situation.

By donations from you, we were able to secure nearly 250 teddy bears for departments to request and for their officers to share with these endangered children. We are proud to say we were able to fill not only the request of the Grand Prairie PD but also many other police departments.

The timing for this event could not have been more perfect as this week (May 15-21) is Law Enforcement Appreciation Week. We want to make sure to thank Good Bears of the World, which provided the bears, as well.

At this event, MADD North Texas Manager of Victim Services Terri Peaks took the opportunity to mention the statistics behind child endangerment and drunk driving as well as to recognize the Grand Prairie PD for their efforts to end drunk driving.

Drunk driving victim Donna Davila told her story. In 2014, her then pregnant daughter was killed by a drunk driver in Fort Worth. Davila lives very near the Grand Prairie Police Department and it is especially heartening to her to see these officers show support so close to home.

She was grateful for the opportunity to share her story and also to thank the officers for dedicating their lives to protecting our roads.

As Davila said in a Dallas Morning News article, these bears can bring children the peace they need. MADD thanks you for helping us give these little bundles of hope to children in desperate need of just that — hope.

If you haven’t donated toward a teddy bear yet, it’s not too late! You too can join us in offering hope to endangered children by donating today!

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