Victim/Survivor Megan Diffee Receives Award from SCVAN

On July 27th, Megan Diffee was awarded the 2020 Distinguished Survivor Award from SCVAN(South Carolina Victim Assistance Network). This award is given to a crime victim/ survivor or a family member of a victim that has persevered through adversity and tragedy. Megan survived a horrific head-on collision with a drugged driver on May 5, 2018 at 9:30am. She suffered multiple skull fractures, damage in both carotid arteries, a broken arm, bruised lungs, two broken legs, a broken ankle and a broken foot in all her broken bones totaled 23. Megan also suffered a traumatic brain injury and 5 mini-strokes. While hospitalized, she underwent multiple surgeries to place pins and rods in her legs, a tracheotomy, coil placement at the base of her brain to repair an aneurysm, surgery in hopes of restoring hearing loss in one ear and surgery to correct severely damaged nerves to her eyes.Megan will never again be the person she was at 9:29 am on May 5th, 2018 but who she is now is a strong woman who continues to fight to overcome a horrific crime committed upon her. She is making a difference in this world in hopes of preventing what happened to her from happening to others. Megan was nominated for the award by Kimberly Cockrell, MADD SC Victim Advocate and Crystal Salley, SCHP Victim Advocate. The award was presented during a virtual ceremony.