Underage Drinking Programs Active This Summer

MADD SC’s underage drinking prevention programs have been active and have been a part of some great things this summer.  Our program specialist Ashley Merrick has been busy networking and forming various partnerships sharing information on our Power of You(th) and Power of Parents programs. She recently had the chance to speak at the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation’s 2017 Youth Leadership Conference in Newberry.  The conference was held at Newberry College for rising juniors and seniors from across South Carolina.   Ashley had the opportunity to share with these student leaders important facts and information on underage drinking such as the majority of teens are not binge drinking and underage alcohol use has negative effects on their brain and body. Ashley had a great time empowering the students to make the decision to be alcohol free until 21.

Ashley also had the chance to partner with LRADAC, The Project CARE Coalition, and Richland Two’s Parent Institute to host a family event for parents and their middle or high school students. Dinner and Dialogue: Healthy Choices, Healthy Families brought parents and students together to provide them with effective communication tools to start and continue healthy conversation regarding youth substance abuse.  At this event, MADD SC was able to present the Power of Parents program as well as give students “What’s the 411” teen booklets on underage drinking. It was a great event that provided parents and students with good information.

If you would like for Ashley to come speak to your group of students or parents, she can be reached at 803.748.7333×5254 or [email protected].