MADD launches new ToGetThere Campaign!

Despite 43 years of progress, impaired driving is at its highest rate since 2006, with 347,000 incidents of drunk driving occurring every day — that’s 127 million incidents a year — and 21 million of those happen in November and December!
If you think you are not at risk, you are.
No one’s holidays should be destroyed by the devastating consequences of impaired driving. Yet, From November 1 through December 31, there are 21 million chances you could encounter a drunk driver.
Our goal at Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is clear: we are determined to move forward toward a safer holiday season and beyond. That’s why we’ve launched our ToGetThere campaign, and we want you to join us.
Sign the pledge to turn 21 million risks to zero. By pledging, you commit to making responsible choices, such as using designated drivers, rideshare services or public transportation when needed to ensure everyone can get there safely.
MADD has been the driving force behind saving more than 450,000 lives. And we’re not stopping there. But the truth is, the only way we can prevent further deaths and injuries on our roadways is if we all actively commit to creating a safer world.
To get to a nation of No More Victims® of Impaired Driving — “To Get There” — we need to do things differently and together. That’s why, with your help, we can, and will, end drunk and drugged driving and ensure that everyone makes it home for the holidays.
With gratitude,
Mothers Against Drunk Driving®