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We’re Honoring the DWI Prevention Community on October 24th. Here’s Why You Need to Join Us.

Every time you get home safely from a ride in your car or truck, a law enforcement officer deserves some of the credit.

Think about it: They’re out there 24/7, flagging down drunk and reckless drivers. They put their lives on the line for us—and it’s time to say thanks.

Please join us on October 24th for MADD New Mexico’s Honoring Heroes Recognition Dinner, a tribute to these hard-working men and women and others who go above and beyond to end drunk driving.

The Honoring Heroes Recognition Dinner

Presenting Sponsor: Parnall Law

Thursday, October 24th—5:30 pm

Embassy Suites, Albuquerque

Tickets available at MADD New Mexico, (505) 255-2955 or [email protected]

“Supporting law officers is a big part of MADD’s strategy to end drunk driving,” says New Mexico Program Director Lindsey Valdez. “This dinner helps us do that.”

Across the country, MADD supports officers and in various ways. For example, we provide them with special training in death notification. And we advocate for the tools that help officers succeed, like sobriety checkpoints.

Other steps in our campaign to end drunk driving include:

  • Making ignition interlocks a requirement for all convicted drunk drivers.
  • Promoting the development of advanced technologies to prevent vehicles from moving when drivers are intoxicated.
  • Getting us all to do our part. This includes designating sober drivers when we go out, and always buckling up.

“Each of these steps is important,” says Valdez. “Yet the gratitude we owe our law enforcement officers can’t be overstated.”

Indeed, not a week passes when we aren’t reminded of the risks these heroes face every day they’re on the job.

From Deerfield, Massachusetts, comes the story of two officers who got a nasty surprise when they pulled a suspected drunk driver off the road. The officers had just arrested the driver—for driving drunk and for doing so with a child in the car. Moments later, both officers and their cruiser were struck by a second driver suspected of drugged driving. Both officers were hospitalized with serious injuries.

Another recent story comes from Burbank, California, where a suspected drunk driver led police on a dangerous chase. The driver had already struck one of the officers with his vehicle before the chase began.

And in Lake Elsinore, California, a suspected drunk driver struck—and robbed the life of—a 28-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. The officer leaves his wife, daughter, step-daughter, siblings and parents behind. The driver faces a charge of second-degree murder.

MADD will work as long as it takes to put an end to these pointless tragedies. But until there are No More Victims®, we need your help. Show our officers, first responders, preventionists, and people who go above and beyond to end drunk driving, you care by joining us on October 24th.

For tickets and information, please call MADD New Mexico at (505) 255-2955 or email Lindsey Valdez at [email protected].