Volunteer. From The Comfort of Your Couch.

It seems to be the new normal. Doing everything from the comfort of your own home. Because we need to in order to protect our community. But, we still want to make a difference. We still need to change the world. So how do we do both? Change the world from the comfort of our own home. Here at MADD Nebraska, we have some ideas. At least for how to change the world by moving the MADD mission forward.

We know the world of volunteering looks different right now. For many of our active volunteers, it just means sitting and waiting until meetings can be held or court is back in session. Those things will have to wait. But, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do for our already active volunteers or for new volunteers wanting to get involved.

For anyone wanting to start volunteering our process remains the same, just virtual! In fact, it is a great time to go through the process if you are interested. All you need to do is fill out a volunteer application, return and we will do your volunteer interview via zoom or phone. We can even handle all of your training via zoom so you are ready to roll! For active volunteers who are having to be a little less active right now because of everything shutting down, know we are excited to get you back out there as soon as we can but your safety is our priority. In the meantime, know we value you and if you have any questions please just let us know. Even more, if you want to work on a different at-home project, we have them!

So what is there to do right now?! One of the biggest needs we have is simple, help us research! Contact the MADD Nebraska State Office for one of our many online research projects. We are working to create exhaustive lists of vision partners across the state to build relationships moving forward. Having stronger relationships helps us to reach more people with the MADD mission. We are also always looking for people to help us stay up to date on crashes in your area. This role includes staying up to date on your local news and sharing articles and any contact information with the state office.

Now is also a great time to expand your role. Have you been interested in doing peer to peer support, but never taken the time to do the training? Now is a great time to work through it online. We can share it with you and help get you the information you need to get involved in that way. Want to lead parent or youth presentations? We have online opportunities to become Power of Youth and/or Power of Parents trained!

We have plenty for you to do to help make a difference for the MADD mission. If you are interested in getting involved, more involved, or just adapting your role during our time on the inside, just reach out to us! We are more than happy to help! We love your support, we need your support, because now just as much as ever we need to end impaired driving and underage drinking. It is always the right time for the MADD mission because impaired driving isn’t stopping, so we aren’t either.