Victims Rights Week.

Picture Yourself. One knock on the door, one phone call, one moment that changes everything. Picture Yourself answering the door, getting that call, having your life changed by impaired driving. Then picture yourself, sitting in a courtroom, hearing all the details of your loved ones death, having to hold your tongue while attorneys defend the actions of the person who killed them, having to sit calmly and not react to whatever sentence the court issues.

When you picture yourself in the shoes of the victims of impaired driving, you can understand why we are so passionate about fighting for the rights of victims and for a future where no more families are impacted by impaired driving. MADD is a passionate advocate for the rights of victims, especially the right to make a victim impact statement. That statement is the only time victims are allowed to have a voice during the criminal process and we know that being heard is vital to the process and to the healing of the families.

Throughout this week we ask you to picture yourself as a victim of impaired driving. Every victim we work with would tell you they would not wish this experience upon anyone. That there is no way you could imagine the pain of the loss they have experienced. We know that is true. So picture what you imagine it is is like and know it is far worse than what you picture. Imagine the face of your loved one. Imagine yourself sitting in the courtroom. These images should move you to never make the choice to drive impaired, but even more to fight for the rights of those who experienced this tragedy first hand.

This week we honor those who have been victimized. We seek justice. We fight for their rights and we inspire hope for a future with No More Victims. Join us in the remembrance and join us in the fight. Today. Tomorrow. Every Day Until We Achieve the Mission.