Together We Can – Volunteer Leadership

MADD Nebraska’s volunteer leadership roles are slightly different than the rest of our volunteer opportunities. This role doesn’t just focus on one area of our mission, it is involved in all of the different areas of the MADD mission. The State Advisory Board volunteers work closely with MADD staff to expand the reach of the mission in the state. They also work to expand the community connections and strengthen the fiscal future of MADD Nebraska through our fundraising events.

State Advisory Board members are a special sort of volunteer. They are dedicated, passionate, connected and ready to drive forward change. The advisory board volunteers become experts on MADD. They represent us at events throughout the state, they speak in the media on behalf of MADD, they make sponsorship asks for events and they always strive to protect MADD’s name and best interests. We here at MADD Nebraska are always seeking candidates for our volunteer leadership roles. They are some of the hardest roles to fill because they take a special blend of passion and determination. Our goal is to expand our current leadership with more amazing volunteers from different agencies and corporations from across the state. If you feel a passion for MADD and are willing to work to help expand the mission in the state, we would love for you to reach out to us and start the process to become part of our State Advisory Board!

We have covered the highlights of our volunteer roles, but it certainly does not cover the full list! There are so many other volunteer opportunities available. We just wanted to highlight some and help people know just how important volunteers are in moving the MADD mission forward. MADD was founded as a grassroots organization and we will continue to grow based on the amazing people in the field working to create a future with No More Victims.