MADD Victim Services – Support


a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright.
The definition of support is a beautiful visual for the work that MADD’s Victim Advocates do on a daily basis. They help keep victims and survivors of crashes upright.
As we continue to explore MADD’s Victim Services we want to discuss what we mean when we say support. It seems simple but one of the most important ways we support victims is by just listening.

The world often expects us to pack away grief as quickly as possible. Here at MADD, we know that is not how it works. Grief is complicated, messy, and lifelong. Our advocates are here to listen. Sharing stories on good days, holding space for you on bad days, and understanding that grief can be all of the emotions all at once. We continue to listen because we know you continue to need to talk. While we are not trained therapists, what we are is trained advocates who really care. We also know our own limitations and one of the support services we often offer is connecting victims to referrals for professional therapy.

MADD also believes that the weight of grief, although carried alone, feels lighter when you are connected. Our advocates work to find ways to connect victims in many ways. Connecting with other victims during our support group or victim events. Connecting pain to purpose through volunteering or speaking with MADD. Or just connecting with the one person who tells you that they can help. All of these connections are support that helps victims of impaired driving.

If you are a victim or survivor and want to connect with the support MADD Nebraska offers, please reach out to us at (402) 434-5330 or email [email protected].

We are here to help.