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Tie One on For Safety (TOOFS)

On November 20th, 2019, MADD Heartland Chapter held their annual Tie One on For Safety ® campaign with a press conference. It was located at Kauffman Stadium with law enforcement and other supporters in attendance. Tie One On For Safety is MADD’s longest running and most visible public awareness project throughout the nation. MADD took the opportunity to showcase an important public service announcement to demonstrate the effects of impaired driving especially during the holiday season.

Some of the most dangerous days of the year on our nation’s roadways are between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  That is why every holiday season MADD asks the community to display MADD red ribbons (Tie One On For Safety) in or on their vehicle as a pledge to never drink and drive, and always designate a non-drinking driver. Last year, 1,068 people were killed in drunk driving crashes, which is 29% of total traffic fatalities at that time.

During the press conference, MADD had a number of guest speakers to speak about the importance of not driving impaired and supporting MADD’s goal of No More Victims. The guest speakers included: Leann Briggs (Mothers Against Drunk Driving Volunteer), Dr. Michael Moncure (Trauma Surgeon at Truman Medical Center), Jeff Halloran (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), Susan Barry (Missouri Department of Transportation), Captain Scott Shipers (Missouri State Highway Patrol) and Mark Wasko (Union Pacific Railroad). We would like to thank all the guest speakers to taking time to participate in this very important event.

After press conference, MADD staff & volunteer along with Missouri State Highway Patrol distributed red ribbons across the community to businesses, schools and other community areas. If anyone or any business would like to be given red ribbons to pass out, feel free to contact MADD Missouri. We want to thank all of our supporters and law enforcement for doing everything they can to keep our communities safe.