Salisbury Law Enforcement Recognition

By Alisa O’Neill 

On February 9th MADD Victim Services had the opportunity to recognize the following police officers with the top DUI arrests on the Eastern Shore. These officers were not only recognized for their outstanding efforts, but they were able to celebrate with their fellow cohorts.

Let’s all congratulate these individuals who have put their lives on the line to keep our roadways safe.

Thank you, Maryland State Police, for all the hard work for and getting us a step closer to our goal of No More Victims!

Tfc. Brian A. Brader – 42 DUI’s

Tpr. Cody W. Bradley – 35 DUI’s

Tfc. Colton Davis – 28 DUI’s

Tfc. Patrick Eckrich – 24 DUI’s

Tpr. Logan A. Furness- 40 DUI’s

Tfc. Matthew Honsinger – 28 DUI’s

Tpr. Matthew Hughes – 26 DUI’s

Tfc. Chad A. Kreiling – 26 DUI’s

Tpr. Edward W. Pinto – 25 DUI’s

Tfc. Lee Ramsay – 37 DUI’s

Tfc. Francisco Ruiz – 108 DUIs

Tfc. Cody M. Shubert – 75 DUI’s

Tfc. Seth Shubert – 109 DUIs

Tfc. Daniel Townsend – 12 DUIs

Here are 5 ways we can honor these Officers or your own local Law Enforcement Officers:

1. Tell an Officer “Thank you”; Nothing warms someone else’s heart by feeling appreciated.

2. Tie a blue ribbon anywhere it can be tied onto or displayed (e.g. mailbox, car antenna, around your tree, or on your front door).

3. Send a card; Sending words of encouragement to your local police departments and other law enforcement personnel is an easy way to spread our appreciation to our local officers.

4. Give them a gift card to any local coffee shop/restaurant near their headquarters.

5. Send a positive note about an officer their chief.