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MADD Illinois Heroes Nomination Form

You are invited to nominate officers or individuals who are doing an outstanding job in DUI countermeasures. Please take this opportunity to fill out the attached forms in order to complete your nomination. Nominated officers or individuals should display outstanding service in support of MADD’s mission in 2017.

Forms must be filled out completely by July 10th, 2018. Winners will be notified in writing. A committee of highway safety professionals use a standardized criteria to evaluate the nominations. In order for the nominees to be accurately evaluated, a detailed description is necessary for each response. Please feel free to attach any additional information that you wish to share about the nominee.

Nominations may be mailed or emailed. Please mail to MADD Illinois, Attn: Zach Jones, 1430 Branding Lane #104, Downers Grove, IL 60515 or email [email protected]