Phoenix Hauanio

On Valentine’s Day 2015 my 17 year old daughter, Phoenix, was killed by an underage drunk and drugged driver.  Phoenix, her friend and the impaired driver died in the fiery crash.  Bystanders tried to pull my daughter from the backseat of the Kia, but the car caught fire and my daughter burned to death in the wreckage.

No one knows the pain other than those who have lost a loved one to the actions of a drunk driver.  There are many statistics and stories, but there is one thing that a person really needs to know and that is the sorrow of a mother who has lost her child due to drunk and drugged driving.  The day Phoenix died, I felt it was my moral obligation to help spread awareness about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving, underage drinking, and parents and adults who serve alcohol to minors.  Having the least amount to drink in your group, doesn’t make you a designated driver.  One drink is one too many.

My daughter, Phoenix, lost her life because she made a mistake and got into a car with someone she barely knew.  She got into a car with someone who said he was the designated driver and claimed to be sober.  I talked to my children many times about not drinking and driving, but never about the importance of knowing the designated driver and knowing they had not been drinking alcohol and that they were sober.

It breaks my heart that Phoenix’s life was cut short.  Phoenix was a happy and joyous soul.  Her big brown eyes could melt your heart!  Her name and memory is all I have left.  My daughter’s name is Phoenix Hauanio and she will never be forgotten.

I want to prevent others from the heartbreak of losing a loved one.  We can all do something to end drunk driving by speaking to as many people we can about not drinking and driving, helping hand out MADD information or even hiding lady bug rocks with secret awareness messages, as I do all in the name of Phoenix.