Mahalo MADD Volunteers

As we wrap up Volunteer Appreciation Month we’d like to take a moment to thank and acknowledge our dedicated MADD Advisory Board. We navigagted a few challangeing years yet they remained upbeat, passionate and dedicated to the work of creating a world of No More Victims. Below are a few pictures featuring them in action – mostly at our 2021 Virtual Walk Like MADD. They rallied and helped deliver, via contactless protocols, the walk t-shirts, goodie bags and awards and prizes.

2021 MADD Board of Advisors
We were happy we were able to keep the balloon arch part of the event.

Wanya Ogata, Mary Garcia, Linda Jameson Myer, Ashlee Chung

Kim Isaak, Theresa Paulette, Kathy Weldon, Molly Strode, Carol McNamee, Marilyn Katzman

Ashlee Chung, Sara Dudgeon, Kurt Kendro at 2021 Holiday Lunch

Molly Strode, Chris Zahn, Lori Harrison at 2021 Holiday Lunch

2021 Tie One On for Safety

Theresa Paulette (staff & volunteer), Carol McNamee, Marilyn Katzman, Kim Isaak (staff), Kathy Weldon, Linda Jameson Myer, David Taylor