Give Like MADD

Because of COVID-19, over 70% of MADD Hawaii’s income stream is at risk and we don’t know when Walk Like MADD, the major event that funds the organization’s services, will resume. The MADD Hawaii Advisory Board has developed a comprehensive fundraising campaign with the goal to raise $65,000 by September 19, 2020. 

The Advisory Board members will each be making a donation to support the campaign. We will be sending letters to past sponsors, donors and participants of our activities and events. Please step up and help us reach our goal and make a donation by September 19. Why September 19? That was the date we had scheduled our Walk Like MADD this year; the date we typically raise all our operating funds for the year. Let us walk into the morning of September 19 with the confidence we are fiscally sound for the year. We count on supporters like you.

Make a donation now on the Give Like MADD donations page:

Thank you and Stay Safe!

Kathryn Weldon,
MADD Advisory Board Chair