Why We Walk…Leah Hall

Leah Gabrielle Hall was just 14 in 1995, entering her first year at Sacred Heart Academy, when she was killed by a drunk driver.  Her family was just returning from watching her brother play hockey in New Hampshire.  They had dropped her grandfather off and as they were driving by the ocean, a car barreled through a stoplight and crashed into the Hall car.  Leah was killed instantly.

Leah was excited about school and all that the years ahead would have in store for her.  But instead of finding out what life did have in store for her, a totally preventable crash ended all her hopes and dreams.  Leah was a wonderful daughter, great friend and truly loved by her brothers and sisters.  This year, the 25th anniversary of Leah’s death, we are honoring her memory by holding the Tri-Town Walk in remembrance of her.  We also honor the Hall Family, who have been involved with MADD since the time of the crash.

The Tritown 2020 Walk Like MADD is dedicated in memory of Leah Hall.