Tri-Town Walk Like MADD UPDATE

Hello Tri-Town Walkers,

Thank you for your continued support for the upcoming Walk Like MADD event on Sunday, April 25, 2020, at Town Center Park in Hamden. It is because of team leaders, participants, and community partners, like yourself, awareness and funds raised that can help us eliminate this 100% preventable crime.

Following the Governor’s Executive Order, this in-person walk has been cancelled due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus concerns. MADD places the health and safety of our partners, volunteers, and communities at the highest priority. With that, MADD is taking an abundance of caution by considering each of our scheduled events. With these concerns in mind, the Tri-Town Walk Like MADD 2020 event will continue as a virtual campaign.

While you Walk Like MADD event may look a little different, the goal of every Walk Like MADD event remains the same – to remember, inspire, and commit. Even through a virtual event, you can help us achieve an inspiring, meaningful and successful experience that will make a lasting impact for the community, victims and survivors, and their families.

What does an Online Virtual Walk look like?

It basically means all activity will be Online. Teams can continue to fundraise through Facebook and other social media. We will provide exposure to our sponsors and highlight the story of Leah Hall, who we are honoring at this year’s walk.

On May 9th, we will be going Live from Facebook and encourage everyone to walk around their neighborhood then upload pictures to Facebook. We still want to encourage new teams and particpants to register and will be doing team challenges in the next few weeks.

You can be assured that the work of MADD will go on. That’s because our community is made up of people like you. I know that you are committed to a future of No More Victims. In good times and bad, I know you’re with us. If you have any questions, please let me know ([email protected]). As soon as we have further information we will let you know.


Jennifer Rossi, MADD Connecticut