Juan Carlos Dominguez Palomino

Juan was full of life and had an ambition of becoming the best mechanic in Denver.  He was determined and driven by his love of cars.  He was a gentle giant, a wonderful son, and playful older brother who was looked up to by his younger sister, Jenny, and little brother, Sergio.  He loved to eat, loved to make his family laugh, was protective of his family and loved to hang out with his friends.  He was scheduled to graduate from Aurora West College Prep Academy on May 20, 2014.  Instead, on March 24, 2014 Juan was killed by a repeat drunk driving offender.  Juan is missed by his parents, sister, brother, aunts, cousins and friends.

Juan era un joven lleno de vida con una ambición de ser el mejor mecánico en Denver. Él estaba listo para graduarse de Aurora West College Prep Academy el 20 de Mayo.  Se determinó y conducido por su amor de coches.  Era un gigante amable, un hijo maravilloso, y un hermano mayor muy  juguetón que era admirado por su hermanos menores Jenny y Sergio.  Amó comer, amó  hacer a su familia reírse, era protector de su  familia y amó andar con sus amigos. Él se pierde por sus padres,  hermana,  hermano, tíos, primos y amigos.