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“To end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking.”


Our program’s mission is twofold: reducing recidivism and preventing young people from drinking making harmful decisions. We believe that education, awareness, and community engagement are key tools in achieving these objectives. 

about the program

We are thrilled to have you here and to share our story with you. Our program has a unique and impactful journey that started with a noble mission, and it continues to evolve, leaving a lasting impression on the communities we serve.


The Court Monitoring Program found its start through the lens of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It was recognized as a powerful countermeasure to combat DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DUI recidivism, offering hope and change where it was most needed. With an aim to increase effectiveness and consistency for DUI/DWAI sentencing, our program was born. The first MADD Court Monitoring Program began on the East Coast, marking the beginning of something transformative. Since then, more MADD offices have been implementing the program across the country.


October 2018: Our program officially kicked off, fueled by a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of individuals affected by DUI-related incidents.

Data collection became an integral part of our mission, allowing us to measure our impact, refine our strategies, and create a data-driven approach to tackling the issue.

Expanding Horizons: We are proud to serve counties along the Front Range, from Larimer to Pueblo, and even extending to Mesa, where Grand Junction resides.


Interns who complete the program can expect to develop a strong understanding of the legal system as well as associated skillsets dependent on the track taken. Successful completion will provide interns with the necessary skills to start their career in the legal or criminal justice field. Although not directly affiliated, the skills developed can be taken to other fields to provide a deeper understanding that can be applied to various other professions. This comprehensive training equips interns not only with the knowledge of legal intricacies but also fosters critical thinking, research, and communication abilities that can prove invaluable in a wide array of career paths.


While our mission remains singular and focused, we understand that different challenges require different approaches. That’s why we have two dedicated units.

Court Monitoring Unit: This unit provides a firsthand look at the legal system’s workings, empowering our participants with invaluable insights into the consequences of criminal actions.

Data Unit: Armed with information and statistics, our Data Unit plays a pivotal role in data mining court records and analyzing observed defendants outcomes.taken to other fields to provide a deeper understanding that can be applied to various other professions. This comprehensive training equips interns not only with the knowledge of legal intricacies but also fosters critical thinking, research, and communication abilities that can prove invaluable in a wide array of career paths.


While we are deeply committed to our mission, we also understand the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging. That’s why we love to inject a bit of fun into our events and connect with the incredible people who make our program what it is.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We are passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to continue making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities across the country. Join us in our journey to create safer roads, informated citizens, and a brighter future for all. Together, we can achive remarkable change.

meet the staff


Amber began her journey with MADD in 2019 when she joined the Court Monitoring Program while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Social Work at MSU Denver. What started as a class requirement soon turned into a lifelong commitment. At MADD, Amber discovered her passion for working tirelessly to end drunk driving, providing support to victims and survivors of impaired-related crashes, and advocating for positive changes within the Colorado justice system to reduce DUI recidivism. Apart from her commitments within MADD she enjoys moments shared with her dear friends, cherished pups, and loving boyfriend. Her life is divided between two wonderful places. Part of the week, she resides in the beautiful town of Bailey, where she also provides caregiving support to her mom. The other part of the week is spent in the bustling metro area with her boyfriend, allowing her to experience the best of both worlds.


Hannah started with MADD as a Court Monitor intern in January 2021. In the same year, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from CU Denber, specializing in Criminal Justice with a concentration on victim services. Since joining the program, she has spent time in multiple roles throughout the program and developed a love of data and leadership. Currently, Hannah oversees the Data Unit, working with data analyst interns to transform observations from court monitors into data for stakeholders. She enjoys guiding interns within the program to develop a passion for data drunk and drugged driving prevention. She is a nerd for spreadsheets and thinks they can solve almost any problem. Outside of MADD, Hannah enjoys creating art of just about any kind, logic puzzles, reading, exploring Denver, and spendintg time with her cat, Carl Sagan.


Jake’s journey with MADD began in August 2022 when he joined the program as an intern while pursuing his undergraduate degree in political science at CU Denver. From the moment he became part of the program, he discovered a love and passion for his community and the program itself. His affinity for working with the community also led to his appointment as the Volunteer Coordinator. He invests his boundless enthusiasm into coaching and mentorship, effortlessly engaging in conversation with a talkative nature that can captivate anyone. Jake is committed to using his passion to combat drunk driving, offering support to victims and survivors of impaired-related crashes, and advocating for positive changes within the Colorado justice system to reduce DUI recidivism. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jake finds joy in spending qualitytime with his family and friends. He’s an unapologetic enthusiast for all things related to Star Wars, gaming, D&D, and his beloved car. Jake derives great satisfaction from spreading laughter and ensuring the well-being of those around them. 

court monitoring unit

observing drunk and drugged driving, collecting insights


In the realm of DUI/DWAI sentencing, Colorado’s court system has faced the challenge of inconsistency across jurisdictions. Recognizing the pressing need for transparency and fairness in these matters, the Court Monitoring Program emerged as a vital initiative. Its inception was not just a local endeavor but was initially identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as crucial countermeasure to combat DUI and DUI recidivism. 


The impact of the Court Monitoring program is profound. It has been shown to reduce the number of plea bargains, increase the rate of straight convictions, and enhance the transparency by making sentencing information accessible to the public. By shining a light on these critical aspects of the judicial process, the program contributes significantly to the pursuit of safer roads and communities.


The success of our program is reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Many have gone on to pursue diverse avenues in the criminal justice field, making a lasting impact as advocates for change. Their experiences as court monitors have equipped them with a deep understanding of the system and the drive to create a more just and safer society. 


The MADD Colorado Court Monitoring program is not merely an opportunity, it is a commitment to bringing about real change. Participants dedicate 9 months to the program, during which they gain:

In-Depth Understanding of Court Proceedings: Participants learn the intricacies of courtroom dynamics, gaining insights into the judicial process.

Access to Judicial Players: The program provides unique access to key players within the judicial system, fostering potential connections and understanding.

Data that Drives Change: By collecting essential data, participants become catalysts for positive change within the legal landscape.

At MADD Colorado, we believe that every court monitored and data point collected is a step closer to achieving our mission of ending drunk and drugged driving. Join us in this transformative journey toward safer roads and a more transparent judicial system. 


We understand that the strength of our program lies in the caliber of our participants. To ensure the continued success of our mission, we seek individuals who embody specific qualities and attributes. The ideal applicant for the MADD Colorado Court Monitoring Unit is someone who aligns with our vision and embodies the following traits:

  1. Detail-Oriented: The nuances of court proceedings require a meticulous eye for detail. The right applicant excels in scrutinizing information, ensuring the accuracy of data collected, and identifying critical pieces of information to document.
  2. Self-Starter: Effective court monitoring often requires independent initiative. We value applicant who are proactive, self-motivated, and take ownership of their roles, demonstrating a dedication to the cause.
  3. Self-Advocate: Clear and effective communication is fundamental in our program. The right applicant is unafraid to articulate their thoughts, seek clarification when necessary, and advocate for transparency and accountability within the judicial system.
  4. Inquisitive Nature: The pursuit of knowledge is at the heart of our program. We encourage applicants who are naturally curious, unafraid to ask probing questions, and eager to gain a deep understanding of the judicial processes.
  5. Commitment to the Cause: To fully appreciate the inticacies of the judicial system and contribute to our mission, participants must commit to a minimum of 9 months. The right applicant understands the significance of this commitment and is prepared to see the entire process through.
  6. Critical Thinker: Analyzing court proceedings and sentencing outcomes requires a keen and critical mind. The ideal applicant possesses the ability to evaluate information critically and draw meaningful insights from Hard Working: Our program demands dedication and hard work. We are looking for individuals who are willing to put in the effort required to make a difference in the realm of DUI/DWAI sentencing.

    At MADD Colorado, we believe that our court monitors are not just participants but change-makers who contribute significantly to safer roads and communities. If you embody these qualities and are passionate about promoting transparency and fairness within the judicial system, we encourage you to join us in this transformative journey.

data unit



The Data Unit was born out of the necessity to harness the power of data to harness the power of data to combat the pervasive issue of DUI offenses. The catalyst for its inception came from an explosion of court monitoring observations that needed to be organized, processed, and analyzed effectively. To meet this demand, MADD Colorado established a dedicated Data Unit, which started as a seasonal opportunity and has since evolved into a year-round experience.


The Data Unit serves as a dynamic platform for aspiring data analysts to develop and hone their skills. By participating in this pathwayof the program, interns gain valuable experience that equips them with the expertise needed to secure jobs in the industry. The program takes interns on a transformative journey, providing hands-on training in various aspects of data analysis, which forms the foundation for their future careers.


The success of our program is reflected in the achievements of our alumni. Many have gone on to pursue diverse avenues in the criminal justice field, making a lasting impact as advocates for change. Their experiences as court monitors have equipped them with a deep understanding of the system and the drive to create a more just and safer society. 



The MADD Colorado Data Unit is not just an internship; it’s a commitment to making  a difference. Participants are expected to dedicate a minimum of 9 months to the program. During this time, they gain access to a wealth of knowledge and tools to excel in the data analysis field. Key components of the program include:

  • Data Mining Court Records: Interns learn the intricacies of extracting crucial information from court records, a skill that is instrumental in understanding the DUI landscape.
  • Cleaning and Scrubbing Court Monitor Observations: Data cleanliness is paramount in drawing accurate insights. The program imparts the expertise required to clean and prepare data for analysis.
  • Analyzing Trends: Participants delve into the world of data analysis, uncovering trends, patterns, and anomalies in DUI offender monitoring strategies.
  • Creating Recommendations: Armed with data-driven insights, interns are challenged to formulate recommendations that can drive policy changes and enhance DUI offender monitoring strategies.

    The MADD Colorado Court Monitoring Data Unit is more than a program; it’s a commitment to making Colorado’s roads safer by using data as a force for change. Join us in our mission to combat DUI offenses and ensure a safer future for our communities.


additional opportunities

MADD Colorado has various opportunities in addition to the Court Monitor Program. To get the most out of the experience, we encourage all interns to get involved in them.


Participants in the program are strongly encouraged to become active contributors to MADD Colorado’s vibrant calendar of events throughout the year, all of which raise funds for victim services and prevention programs. Some of our events include Walk Like MADD, Law Enforcement Recognition awards, and the Candlelight Vigil. 


MADD Colorado’s dedicated content creation team for Instagram is where creativity meets purpose. Our supportive and collaborative group is passionate about preventing underage drinking while having a blast along the way.


Unique opportunities, including wet labs and ride-alongs, allow CM participants to explore another dimension of the process as it relates to drunk and drugged driving. These immersive experiences provide a firsthand understanding of the challenges and intricacies involved in addressing this critical issue, equipping participants with valuable insights.  


The MADD VIP Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals directly impacted by drunk and drugged driving to make a tangible difference. By sharing their personal stories with DUI/DUID offenders, they play a vital role in the effort to reduce repeat offenses. Court monitors and data analysts have the opportunity to attend with CM staff and even volunteer at registration.


We know that ending impaired driving is not done in a silo; that’s why we bring in professionals from different professions and fields to teach our dedicated team of monitors and analysts.


MADD Colorado is fortunate to have the support of our generous donors and sponsor who are committed to furthering our mission. The Thank-you Brigade offers a chance to express gratitude and appreciation for the impactful work being done behind the scenes. It’s an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the dedicated individuals and organizations who make our mission possible.

walk like madd

Walk Lke MADD is MADD’s signature fundraising event to help us raiseboth awareness and funds to end drunk driving and fight drugged driving. There are several options to get involved and make an impact including: signing up to walk, volunteer, create a team, and/or dontate. MADD Colorado has three walks in Denver, Northern Colorado, and Colorado Springs. Visit to learn more!

photo galleries

some of our court monitoring program staff and interns in action



Change is the heartbeat of progress, and the Court Monitoring Program is no exception. The program is gearing up for a significant transformation in 2024. With a renewed focus on preventing drinking and driving…


Note: Since this blog post was written there have been additional title changes which are up to date in the Meet the Staff page.


We are looking for dedicated, hard-working, and inquisitive individuals to join our program. Our program is challenging, but provides a unique experience to learn about DUI/DWAI offenses and their outcomes. All participants in the program must be 18 years or older, commit to 9 months for court monitors and 9-12 for data analysts.

All participants accepted into the internship will be expected to commit to the length of time specified for their track (9 months for court monitors and 9-12 for data analysts). This is to ensure that interns are getting to experience the program from start to finish.

There are two specific criteria that automatically render someone ineligible for the program. First, individuals with convictions related to DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) offenses are not eligible to participate. Second, candidates who are under theage of 18 years old do not meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

Internships in the Court Monitoring Program are designed to offer participants a unique opportunity for professional growth and development. To achieve this goal, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing essential skillsets and uphold a high standard of expectations for our interns. These expectations encompass a range of vital attributes, including effective communication, sharp critical thinking skills, unwavering attention to detail, meeting deadlines consistently, and fostering leadership capabilities. As part of our commitment to excellence, court monitors and data analysts are required to demonstrate their proficiency in their assigned duties through a comprehensive assessment at the conclusion of their training period. This assessment process ensures that the program ensures that the program remains a strong fit for both the interns and the accuracy of the data collected. Our dedicated court monitoring staff acts as a robust support system, facilitating an environment conducive to helping interns showcase their competency and ultimately succeed in the program.

Participants who do not pass the evaluation but earn a grade of 60% or higher will have one additional opportunity to take the evaluation. They will also meet with a staff member to discuss how to improve their score on the assessment.

Yes! While we use the term internship, our program is not only for those who are seeking academic credit. We have decided to call this an internship for all participants to ensure that everyone is getting the same experience and has the same level of expectations as part of their commitment.

Participants are strongly encouraged to participate in all of our extra opportunities MADD has to offer. Check out the Additional Opportunities page to learn more!

Interested applicants should send Amber Arndt their resume and cover letter and specify which track they are interested in. Additionally, all applicants must fill out MADD’s volunteer application at Both steps must be taken to be considered for an interview.


ready to apply?

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. In addition, all applicants should fill out an application at at Both steps must be taken to be considered.

questions and comments

Please email questions and comments to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!