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Changes Among CM Staff Reflect the Adaptability of the Program

Edit: Since this blog post was written there have been additional title changes which are up to date on the Meet the Staff page.

Tuesday Black’s Departure from MADD

At the beginning of the year, the announcement of Tuesday Black’s departure from the Court Monitoring was publicized. Tuesday has served as a leading role model for those involved in the program and continues to be a source of inspiration for those seeking advice. Tuesday had been with the Court Monitoring program since the very beginning, after working in parole for 13 years. Tuesday played a crucial role in the program’s growth, facilitating numerous connections between MADD and law enforcement, leading to its current success. Recognizing Tuesday’s remarkable work, CDOT eagerly recruited her to join their team. Although Tuesday has left MADD Colorado, her invaluable contributions still resonate within the program.

Amber and Hannah are among the individuals who exemplify Tuesday’s influence and dedication. Tuesday handpicked Amber and Hannah for their unwavering passion and exceptional performance in the program, entrusting them to carry on her teachings. In light of Tuesday’s departure, Amber and Hannah assumed the responsibilities previously held by Tuesday while simultaneously searching for a new addition to their team. This demanding task required them to work tirelessly for months without breaks, all while conducting interviews to find a new replacement. Thankfully, they have found someone who will be trained according to their expertise and insights. The program is poised for growth, with Amber and Hannah encouraged to implement their own ideas and strategies. Despite Tuesday’s departure from MADD, her loyal and passionate friends remain committed to upholding the program’s mission.

Who is Jake Kai?

Jake Kai is our new Program Specialist for the Court Monitoring program. Jake started with MADD as a court monitor in August 2022. He went on to join the Social Media team, The Social MADDvericks, in October 2022. During his time with MADD, Jake completed over 500 data entries within two months. He always attended meetings passionately and didn’t want to miss a single moment within the program. He encouraged conversation and was mindful of letting others speak. Jake has taken initiative in the program to help it grow and has taken every opportunity that has been presented to him to get more involved in MADD’s mission. He is working to attain a political science degree with a minor in history and has used his educational experiences to help with his passion in assisting his community. Hannah and Amber picked Jake for his passion and love for MADD. Jake is the definition of who we are looking for within this program, someone with a heart for our mission and the community.

Sidebar: Jake has a love for everything nerdy. He's a huge Star Wars fan, with Ezra Bridger being his favorite Jedi. In his free time, Jake enjoys hanging out with friends, playing Magic the Gathering, and playing video games—Jake dreams of someday making a difference in his community and taking care of his family.

These changes are a great example of how things constantly evolve, and with that the program will continue to adapt to support it’s mission and the people within it.