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Raising Awareness in the Community

Representatives from Waymo hosted an interactive and informative display to this year’s Phoenix WLM. Attendees were able to use a virtual reality app with viewing glasses to get an authentic experience without ever leaving the zoo! The app showed wearers what the Waymo cameras see as well as what the view is like when riding in the vehicle. With the self-driving van parked only a few feet away, many people were introduced to Waymo’s early rider program. The attentive representatives were there to guide those eligible through the sign-up process. To learn if you’re eligible (geographically) for the early rider program, visit Waymo’s website:

Waymo’s self-driving vehicles support MADD’s mission of ending drunk and drugged driving by helping to keep impaired drivers off our roadways. In addition to their technology, their sponsorship of this year’s Phoenix WLM helps support MADD’s mission of supporting the victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving crimes. Their sponsorship helped us host our annual walk, allowing us to serve over 700 people, many walking in honor and memory of a loved one, on event day. Thank you, Waymo, for your technology, generosity, and support of MADD Arizona!