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Voices of Victims: Justice for Isaiah and Joshua Deal

On Christmas Eve in 2014 at the intersection of Joe Battle and Vista Del Sol in El Paso, Isaiah and Joshua Deal and Shannon Del Rio were killed by a drunk driver. Nearly five years later and almost two weeks of trial, justice was carried out when the drunk driver was found guilty on three counts of Intoxicated Manslaughter and was sentenced to 16.5 years by a jury of El Pasoans. Today, Judge Alyssa Perez ruled the defendant would serve counts one and three consecutively and count two concurrently for a sentence of 33 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system. There is no amount of time that will ever bring back the beautiful lives that were taken on Christmas Eve in 2014 or heal the pain of the families affected, but it is accountability for the crime and action of drunk driving. This is a powerful photo of Isabel Dee Cisneros with her sons before the crash and after the crash.