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MADD Tri-Counties Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Recognition Awards

Thu, May 11th, 11:00AM

Kim Christianson

Spanish Hills Club

999 Crestview Ave
Camarillo 93010 United States

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  • Organizer: Kim Christianson
  • Phone: 714.838.6199 Ext. 6652
  • Email: Kim.Christianson@MADD.org
  • Website: madd.org/tri-counties

MADD’s Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Recognition Awards (LER) has received outstanding reviews since its inception. Every year, MADD honors law enforcement for the number of impaired driving arrests made annually along with first responders, prosecutors, probation officers and MADD volunteers for their life-saving efforts as each impaired driver taken off the road is a potential life saved. We invite you to be a part of honoring these heroes across the country by supporting this year’s MADD’s 2023 Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Recognition Awards Ceremonies.

In 2022, MADD California recognized nearly 1,800 law enforcement officers, prosecutors, first responders, and community groups for their dedication to impaired driving enforcement and prosecution. MADD is thrilled to honor the tremendous job they perform of making our streets safer and we invite you to take a stand alongside MADD to honor these heroic individuals. Funds raised will also support the continuation of MADD California’s educational programs and victim services, provided at no cost to local communities. Hosting an LER event supports MADD with raising its branding and assisting in uniting California to support the work of law enforcement officers and prosecutors in keeping our communities and roadways safe.

This year, each LER event in California will be attended by agency directors, sheriffs, chiefs of police, law enforcement officers, government officials, district and city attorneys, impaired driving survivors, and victims eager to show appreciation and support to all awardees. Every day, our partners go above and beyond the call of duty to stop the crime of impaired driving, and by doing so, they spare more families the pain of losing someone to a crime that is 100% preventable.

Stand with #OneMADDCalifornia to create a future of NO MORE VICTIMS. Join in the celebration of awarding individuals for their life-saving efforts.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) strives to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization for staff, victims, survivors, volunteers, and partners.  We believe that the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion lead to a more engaged workforce and allow for a greater impact in our communities.  MADD is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all.

MADD is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion and we expect our staff, partners, volunteers, and supporters to commit to these same values.

MADD embraces the individuals, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences that shape our world.  These diverse perspectives are critical in building the foundation that will enable MADD to achieve our mission of No More Victims.

*Local Police Departments, Sheriff, City Attorney, District Attorney, and Probation offices that are grant funded: Agencies requesting reimbursement through their OTS grant will be required to have a grant official contact their OTS Program Coordinator prior to the event.  Please let the coordinator know how many personnel from the agency will be attending, what the registration fee is per person, and if there are any additional travel expenses.*

*California Highway Patrol: Information regarding the registration process for CHP personnel will be forthcoming through a communications message (comm-net).  If you have any questions, please contact Special Projects Section Commander Lidia Narvaez or Staff Services Manager I, Officer Carlos Vargas.*

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  • Organizer: Kim Christianson
  • Phone: 714.838.6199 Ext. 6652
  • Email: Kim.Christianson@MADD.org
  • Website: madd.org/tri-counties