You can create your own customized MADD fundraiser!

team1They came from Middle or East Tennessee.  Some people have even shown up from Kentucky.  Members of church baseball leagues from across the state have been streaming to our town for the annual MADD Upper Cumberland Church Softball Tournament for the last 19 years. This special, one-day event, which always includes a victim table, has raised nearly $20,000.

And now, thanks to a new Mothers Against Drunk Driving® website, we want to invite you to do the same — fight drunk driving in  on YOUR terms by creating a customized fundraiser.

Bake sales, car washes, hotdog stands and donated birthdays — it’s the simple things. Aline and I truly believe that if people can get back to doing basic, local events like these, it will be good for folks. Good for our communities. And, since funds stay in the local area, YOU will be making a difference in Tennessee.

Our softball tournament started as a way to honor the memory of Aline’s brother, Chris Conaster, who was killed by a repeat drunk driver. But it grew into a way to honor more and more victims, raise awareness and make our community safer.

MADD was started by one woman. Her efforts, which simply began around her kitchen table, have since saved more than 350,000 people. What will you achieve?

Norris and Aline Skelley
Drunk Driving victims and DIY fundraisers
Cookeville, TN