Why We’re Here: Roy Webb

Roy Webb married his beautiful bride, Millie, in the 60’s.  Just like many typical Americans, they had big plans and dreams for their future.  By the summer of 1971, they were the ecstatic parents of a beautiful 4-year-old little girl, Lori, with another on the way.

Roy had been through this before, so he was happy to oblige when his 7-months pregnant wife began craving peaches.  He bought her a bushel, but forgot them at work.  So they loaded up the family on August 14, 1971, including their 19-month-old nephew, Mitch, and headed out.   Roy loved cars and was very proud of his fully restored 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.  It was a good day spent with family.  But, on the way home, their lives changed in a matter of seconds.

A drinking driver rear-ended the car causing the gas tank to burst into flames.  The car flipped.  Millie, Lori, and Mitch were thrown from the vehicle.  But as it toppled over them, flames spewed all over their bodies.  When the car came to a stop, Roy managed to get out and ran to help them.  Frantically, he went from one to another, desperately trying to extinguish the flames from their burning bodies using his bare hands.  Mitch sustained burns to 90% of his body. Lori and Millie each had burns to 75% of theirs.

Roy suffered burns to 45% of his hands and arms and had to have pins placed in both hands due to the flesh being completely removed.  He was in the hospital for two months struggling to fight off infection and other life-threatening complications.  Despite his valiant efforts, both Lori and Mitch died from their injuries.  He never got to attend the funerals or even say goodbye.

Millie’s dad, Captain of the local fire department, did not even recognize his own child’s car at the scene. He didn’t know the injured family who had been sent to the hospital was his, until Dispatch alerted him on the way back to the firehouse.
Roy with Lori on her last vacation with the family.