Instructions for 2020 Partner Page Submissions for TN Virtual Walk Like MADD

We invite all of our Tennessee Virtual and Drive-Thru Walk Like MADD Community Partner and Law Enforcement Teams to create a Virtual Partner Table or Demonstration video for inclusion on our Virtual Partner Page. If you’ve ever been to a live Walk Like MADD event, you have seen that many of our community partner and law enforcement teams set-up tables with information about what they do and/or how their organization relates to the mission of MADD. Many bring interactive displays and demonstrations to help participants better understand their purpose. For example, in the past we’ve seen law enforcement vehicles of various kinds, Fatal Vision Goggle golf course tracks, Fatal Vision field sobriety tests, Seat Belt Convincers, K9 Officers, virtual driving courses, etc. For our Virtual Partner Page, we are inviting teams to provide us a similar way of helping participants understand what they do, by submitting a video version of their table/demonstration.

There are a variety of types of video submissions that might be appropriate for our Virtual Partner Page:

  1. Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) or commercials that you’ve already created in regards to your efforts to stop impaired driving or underage drinking or to support the victims of these crimes.
  2. Video demonstrations of equipment that you use at community events.  i.e. the Seat Belt Convincer, Fatal Vision Goggles, etc.
  3. Video demonstrations regarding information pertinent to your agency’s/company’s efforts related to MADD’s mission.  i.e. explanations of field sobriety tests, sobriety checkpoints, minor compliance checks, DRE evaluations, etc.
  4. Informative video discussing what your company/agency does and any efforts specifically related to MADD’s mission

Please keep your video to 10 minutes maximum so that the file is not too large.

How do I submit my video?

If you have a YouTube link for a video you’ve already created, you can email that link to [email protected]. If you are creating a new video, you can click the appropriate link below, to upload your file to MADD Tennessee.  Watch for your submission to be added to our Virtual Partner Page.  (You should see the link on the event Walk page within a day or two.)  If you have any technical difficulties, contact [email protected].

Link to upload East TN Virtual Partner Page Submissions

Link to upload West TN Virtual Partner Page Submissions

Link to upload Middle TN Virtual Partner Page Submissions

Thank you for joining us!