Why We’re Here: Harold “Tres” Adcock

Harold Waymond Adcock, III, known as “Tres” by his friends and family, would have been 32 this month on March 11, 2016.  He was the oldest of Beth Allen’s five children and he loved life!  Originally from Tennessee, he had moved to Vail, Colorado, because of his great passion for the outdoors.  His friends saw him as a fun-loving and loyal friend with a big heart who could light up a room.  In fact, they saw him as more than a friend; they saw him as a brother.

But on August 1, 2014, his life was tragically taken at the age of 30, when the Jeep he was riding in crashed.  He was ejected and pinned under the Jeep.  The coroner said he died of positional asphyxiation.  The driver had a BAC of more then twice the legal limit.

Beth says, “If you have never lost a child, someone really can’t understand.  All I know to say is that your heart and soul are ripped from your body and there is a void that remains.  To realize that your child is not going to call to say Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Birthday, or just to talk about what is going on in his life is something you just can’t wrap your mind and heart around… This is 100% preventable.”  “He is the child that first called me ‘Mommy.’ He was the first to teach me the depth of love and the unbreakable bond between a mother and child… No parent should have to bury their child no matter that child’s age.”

The papers said “Vail suffered a tragic and shocking loss when Harold “Tres” Adcock III abruptly left this world.”   He was clearly loved by many and will be forever missed!