Lisa’s Birthday Fundraiser

Ashlynn’s grandmother, Lisa’s Birthday is on Monday, October 29th.  Her birthday wish is for you to make a donation to MADD SWFL in Ashlynn’s name.  Please click here.

Once the donation is received, we will add the donor’s name to this post.  Thank you.
Written by: Lisa, Ashlynn’s Grandmother
On the morning of October 9, 2016, my life would forever change.  That morning I had just docked from a cruise ship with a close friend.  As I turned my cellphone on to receive my missed calls and messages, I received an incoming call.  I answered my cellphone and was greeted by a Trauma Nurse from Lee Memorial Hospital.  The Nurse questioned who I was and immediately began to tell me that my beautiful daughter, (granddaughter) Ashlynn of 19 was involved in a horrific auto crash the previous night. She explained to me that Ashlynn was on life support and that I needed to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

I stopped home to pick up my grandson Timothy and we rushed to the hospital. There, we were told that Ashlynn did not have any brain activity and that she was an organ donor and if I agreed, her organs would be donated.  Being in total shock and devastated I followed through with her wishes.

October 9, 2016, I lost my best friend, my world.  My heart is broken in a million pieces and my life will never be the same. The driver of the car was in no condition to be driving and was told not to and she did anyways and killed my beautiful Ashlynn. She’s in jail and we are still waiting for her sentencing. Justice will be  served however it won’t bring Ashlynn back.

Ashlynn was such a gifted girl.  She was a loving caring free spirited young woman who always was willing to help people. (including me). We called her our “Princess” and she thought she was one. She had a sassy attitude and everyone of her friends came to her for advice. She was supportive and a bright young soul.

She will be forever “Missed” and ‘Loved” and not ever “Forgotten” for those who knew and loved her!!!!!!

Lisa has started a fundraiser for MADD Southwest Florida in Ashlynn’s name.  The following have contributed and donated:


Brian Belardinella

Timothy Belardinella

Lori Burke

Stephanie Carter

Trish Decker

Betty Eaton

Dick Eaton

John Eaton

Andrea Escobar

Jane Gates

Jeff Hinkle

Lisa Eaton Johnson

Connie Jones

Megan Kelly

Arron Kitts

Christopher Kitts

Jessica Santez

Trish Sorenson

Katie Marie Steiner

Ally Woodward