Our MADD SWFL Super Hero initiative is designed to build awareness for the different ways people can be a Super Hero in our community when it comes to ensuring our roadways are safe.  This initiative was developed by Florida Gulf Coast University Volunteer Interns and graphically designed by Madailein Burke, a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design.  The Super Hero initiative includes a road map for people to find their Super Hero identity.  Each Super Hero has a unique image and character description.

If you would like your Super Hero identity and pin.  Please contact the MADD SWFL office at 239.791.7560 or [email protected].


  COMMUNITY SUPER HERO: You’re a Super Hero because you make yourself  extraordinary every day.  You put the community’s health and safety before your own.  Without your Super Hero efforts, the community would crumble.







DESIGNATED DRIVER SUPER HERO: You’re a Super Hero because you put on your designated driver cape and bring everyone to safety.  Your efforts may seem simple but you’re saving lives.







DESIGNATED RIDER SUPER HERO: Being a Super Hero is a lot of fun and by being a Designated Rider, you can have fun without the pressure of leading people to safety at the end of the night.  By working with other Super Heroes, you are keeping yourself and the community safe.






ALCOHOL FREE >21 SUPER HERO: Crime never sleeps and neither do you.  By making the personal decision to remain sober after 21, you’re helping the community 24/7.  Your efforts may seem small but you’re making a big difference in the local community.







ALCOHOL FREE <21 SUPER HERO: You’re a good example for all other law abiding citizens.  You’re also able to save the day when people do not follow your stellar example.