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MADD Moment: Meet Jessica Sanchez


Q: What’s one of your favorite things to do when you’re not working at MADD?

Jessica: “Spending time with my friends and shopping.”


Q: Any favorite food?

Jessica: “Thai food”


Q: Do you have any specific goals when it comes to working with MADD?

Jessica: “To be genuine with the client and let them know they’re not alone.”


Q: Are there any movies or TV shows you love?

Jessica: “I like movies. I like psychological thrillers like Split.”


Q: What makes you passionate about MADD?

Jessica: “The cause, to really be there when someone’s at their lowest. Losing someone you love is sad, like the end of your life.”


Q: Do you think there’s anything you can do to stop drunk driving?

Jessica: “I wish, but no I think its just creating awareness. Just like people know guns or drugs are bad people are just going to gravitate to certain things.”


Q: What made you interested in working with MADD?

Jessica: “I had a legal background and also a counseling background so the position kind of incorporates everything together”


Q: A lot of people don’t take drugged driving seriously. Do you have any ideas in raising awareness for drugged driving?

Jessica: “Soon there’s going to be distilleries and bars and the only thing I can think of is that people should take some sort of course before they are able to go into them almost like victim impact panel.”