MADD California
Teen Influencer Group

About the Teen Influencer Group

The purpose of the Teen Influencer Group is to provide leadership development for teens by training them to be peer-to-peer educators. These teens provide MADD with the youth perspective and use their voice to educate the public. By reducing and then eliminating underage drinking, these teens will help MADD end drunk driving.  Members of the Teen Influencer Group meet regularly with local staff to plan community events, awareness activities, social media content and more. MADD Teen Influencers earn community service hours, develop important skills like public speaking, and represent MADD on a local and national level.

Power of YOU

The activities committee plans and participates in awareness and prevention events at their schools and in the community.
The social media committee creates content for our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok, including our "Healthy Teen Talks" podcast.
The newsletter committee publishes a monthly newsletter, including articles, videos, and graphics, that is distributed throughout the state.
The summit committee helps plan our annual MADD Teen Influencer Summit, an educational event for youth, parents and community members.

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