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Derrick Law Firm Partners with MADD SC on “100 Deadly Days”

MADD SC is delighted to announce  that The Derrick Law Firm is returning to be our annual “100 Deadly Days of Summer” social media campaign Presenting Sponsor in 2024.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day is often called the “100 Deadly Days of Summer” in the traffic safety community as past data has shown us that crash rates increase during those summer months.  It’s an essential time to raise awareness about embracing a range of safety strategies to keep our roads safe – wearing a seat belt, looking out for bike riders, treating BUI (Boating Under the Influence) as seriously as DUI, thanking our law enforcement for the extra work they put in, and, of course, never driving after drinking.

The Derrick Law Firm, who often represents crash victims in civil cases, is supporting MADD SC’s messaging for the 3rd year and has become a valuable partner to MADD’s life-saving mission work.  We thank the Derrick Law Firm for the continued support and partnership!