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Karen Holden

“Karen Holden’s time on this earth was cut short by a three-time, repeat offender of driving while intoxicated. The question that hasn’t been answered, and probably will never be, is how could an individual with a criminal record of past DWI’s be on the road putting innocent lives at risk? I’m going to guess to say that just about all adults know the danger and risk of driving under the influence, yet, people continue to do it. So why is it that we are still seeing horrible, tragic stories in the media? Again, I’m going to guess to say that I think people are in the mindset that this is not going to happen to me. Until Karen’s death, I’m ashamed to say, I was guilty of this kind of thinking. Not until now do I understand the irreversible impact on people’s lives this crime leaves behind.

When most people think of DWI, they think of being pulled over by the police, spending a night in jail, and standing in front of a judge. That’s one scenario. There is another scenario that plays out as well; how about being under the influence while driving and instead of getting pulled over, you kill someone, or just as bad, injure someone? Think of the family you just destroyed. They have a lifetime of sadness, emptiness, hatred…think about going to jail and all the lawsuits.

Most people don’t think of this terrible scenario, well guess what…look around, there are way too many families living this nightmare. It is a sentence to a life of heartaches, sadness, and of missing our loved ones. It’s not a scenario anymore, this is our reality.”

-Bill Holden