Victim Impact Panel Updates

In an abundance of caution and in accordance with state recommendations, MADD Nebraska will NOT be holding any in-person Victim Impact Panels for the months of March, April, May and some of our June panels. We are understanding that many people need to complete these panels as part of their probation and we are determined to work with you to find the best solution for your situation. Please read through all of the information below to guide you through the options available.

-If you are pre-registered for a March, April or May Victim Impact Panel, please contact the MADD Nebraska State Office to reschedule for a later date. We will move your registration to attend a panel any time after May 1st.

-If you are in need of a panel to complete a probation requirement prior to the end of May, our online panels are available. If you were pre-registered for a March/April/May panel your registration fee will be credited to the online panel, bringing your cost to $15. Please call the MADD Nebraska State Office to confirm and receive a special code. Please ensure with your court or probation officer that MADD’s online panel will meet their requirements.

-We will be working to re-schedule panels for after June 1st for any locations that were postponed to ensure there are panels available for anyone needing to take one this year. We ask for your patience as we work with facilities and volunteers to determine the best possible time to hold these panels.

-Online panels are available for anyone in our state who is in need of a Victim Impact Panel. Cost is $65 and you can take the panel here. if you have the internet and a computer with a camera. You will need to ensure the panel meets your court or probation requirements prior to completion.

The MADD Nebraska staff is here to support you as we navigate the next few months. We know for many of you these panels are a part of the criminal court process and we are working diligently to ensure our panel program is accessible to all. We strongly believe in the life-changing message the MADD Victim Impact Panel has to offer and we hope you will feel the same after attending a panel, in-person or online. Please feel free to reach out to staff with any concerns or with any questions.

(402) 434-5330 or [email protected]