Halloween Shouldn’t Be Scary

Halloween may be filled with skeletons, ghosts and goblins, but those should be where the fright stops this Halloween. Impaired driving over the Halloween holiday makes our roads dangerous and scary. There are many ways we can help to make the holiday just a little more safe and a little less scary.

As we plan our costumes and parties, it is important we also plan for how to keep our guests from driving impaired. This year the Halloween celebrations may look a little different. If you are hosting a celebration, big or small, the safety of your guests should go beyond wearing masks or using hand sanitizer. It should include how everyone is getting home if alcohol is going to be part of the night. Offering non-alcohol drinks and food also can help to ensure people are not over-consuming throughout the night. Anyone who is making the choice to drive should be sober and aware of the little ghouls crossing the road in search of candy.

We also know that our youth will be celebrating in a couple of different ways. For the younger kids, make sure they are well lit, masks fit so they can easily see and they always check before crossing any streets. For the older kids, talk to them about the risks of underage drinking before they head out with their friends.

Many people may also be heading out to celebrate at events or bars. If this is what your Halloween looks like, make a plan now. Designate a non-drinking driver or plan a ride-share service. Either way, there is too much at risk to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Halloween is a time for celebrations and fun. And with just some pre-planning and thoughtfulness we can all enjoy the holiday safely. Happy Halloween from your MADD Nebraska State Office!