A Safe & Happy Halloween


A holiday for kids. Dressing up in costume. Running through the neighborhood. Eating too much candy. Having fun. But, it is also a holiday that has become associated with alcohol-related fatalities on our roads. So, we just wanted to remind everyone of some tips and tricks to keep both young and old safe this Halloween.

First, for the kiddos:

-Cross streets at crosswalks and corners.

-Make sure costumes are properly fitting, easy to see out of and not tripping hazards.

-If you are planning to be out after dark, make sure everyone is well-lit with glow-sticks, flashlights.

-Make sure kids are accompanied by a parent or adult if they are under 12.

-Put electronic devices down and pay attention to roadways, driveways and traffic.

Next, for the grown-ups:

-If you are planning on celebrating your Halloween with alcoholic treats, make a plan for a driver, Uber, cab before you start.

-Make sure your Halloween party serves plenty of food, and make sure your guests have a safe ride home or a place to stay.

-If you are the designated driver, make sure to slow down and pay extra attention to any little ghouls or goblins running around.

The team at MADD Nebraska wants you to have a safe and fun holiday. It is so easy to take extra steps to make sure everyone, old and young, enjoys the day safely. Happy Halloween!