MADD National President Visits Hawaii

Tess Rowland has a compelling story to tell. On Friday, September 15, 2023, Tess visited Assets High School and Schofield Barracks to share her story.

Ms. Rowland became involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 2021 when her life was shattered by the reckless and thoughtless actions of a ‘wrong-way’ drunk driver with drugs in the car. At the time of her crash on May 4, 2021, Tess was on her way to work in Panama City Beach, Florida where she served as the morning reporter for WMBB News 13. In a flash, Tess found herself with complex fractures to her shoulder, elbow, and knee, along with internal injuries which required seven surgeries, four plates, and 22 screws to fix. As MADD National President, Tess’s focus is on empowering individuals to make life-saving choices while still enjoying a safe night out. She’s committed to being the voice for the voiceless and an advocate to fight for justice for those who have been lost to this crime.


Her presentation was well received at both venues. The students asked many thoughtful questions, and some remain in contact with Tess via social media. Tess and Alice, our new program director, presented to 200 soldiers that afternoon. A few soldiers joined us the next day at the Walk Like MADD event.