MADD Hawaii Advisory Boardʻs Guest Speaker Shares Insight

In an effort to stay abreast of current issues in the community, the MADD Hawaii Advisory Board invited Sgt. Thomas Billins of the Honolulu Police Department to be a guest speaker at its monthly meeting. Billins shared insight on the challenges that police officers face in preventing drunk and drugged driving in our state, while working hard to keep our streets and communities safe and crime-free. Sgt. Billins joined the Honolulu Police Department in 2010 and was assigned to Traffic in the Night Enforcement Unit with the DUI Task Force. He is assigned to the Vehicular Homicide Division and has trained in ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement) and is a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert).   Mahalo to Sgt. Billins and the Honolulu Police Department for aligning with MADD Hawaii. Photo: Wanya Ogata, MADD  Hawaii Advisory Board Chair, Sgt Billins, Honolulu Police Department, Theresa Paulette, Program Manager, and Victim Services Specialist.