Drive With Aloha Mural Project

MADD Hawaii’s Program Director and Underage Drinking Prevention Program Specialist attended the “Drive with Aloha Mural Project” in Nanakuli in November and December. They assisted Ken Nishimura of Keep It Flowing, an organization that brings “awareness through art,” by hosting projects to paint signs and murals in the community. The signs were used during a roadside rally on December 15th, 2023, to bring awareness to drivers regarding their driving habits and remind them to drive safely this holiday season.

The beautiful murals are located around Nānākuli High & Intermediate School. They encourage more awareness and discussion on impaired driving prevention in the community. While painting the signs and murals, MADD staff spoke to the youth volunteers and shared information and ideas about resisting underage drinking, and not ride with an impaired driver. It was a great opportunity, and we are thankful for supporting this important community event.