.05 BAC Update

Mahalo to Hawaii Alcohol Policy Alliance, victims and victim survivors, community advocates,
and volunteers for testifying on this important matter.

As of this writing, the 2024 legislative session is in its second month. MADD Hawaii has opposed bills to expunge records of DUI and other offenders after 5 years; to cite rather than arrest petty misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenders; and a complicated bill prohibiting the sale of alcohol to DUI offenders. 

We have supported bills to increase checkpoint funding; create an ongoing impaired driving task force; require those guilty of causing the DUI death of parents or guardians of a minor to pay child support until the child reaches majority; and, most importantly, reduce the illegal .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) to .05. 

We are fighting the .05 BAC battle alongside the Hawaii Alcohol Policy Alliance, the victim community, and other stakeholders to influence lawmakers and educate their constituencies on the life-saving advantages of .05 BAC, currently in use in countries representing over 85% of the world’s population. As of this writing, the bill is faring poorly in the House despite overwhelming public testimony in favor and almost none opposed. The Senate version was passed on February 27th and hopefully will “cross over” to the House, giving us another “bite at the apple.”

Anyone wishing to join the Public Policy Committee please contact Alice Liu at [email protected]