MADD’s Official Statement on Georgia Supreme Court Ruling

February 19, 2019  –

“MADD is once again dismayed and angered by the Georgia Supreme Court’s lack of regard for the victims of the violent, completely preventable crime of drunk driving. This is the third ruling in as many years that has chipped away at Georgia’s drunk driving laws and put the rights of drunk drivers ahead of public safety and the victims of these horrific crimes. These rulings undermine the hard work by law enforcement officers, who put their lives on the line to protect the innocent people traveling Georgia’s roads. Next week, on February 26,  MADD volunteers will rally at the capitol to advocate for DUI reform. Drunk driving is a leading killer on Georgia roadways, killing 15,461 people since 1982, including 366 in 2017 alone. The fight to end drunk driving is far from over.


Lawmakers must take action to protect the rights of Georgia residents, including all drunk driving victims.  The number one solution to remedy this Court decision that protects rights of all Georgia residents is to mandate the use of ignition interlocks for any person who refuses and seeks driving privileges during an administrative license suspension or the suspected drunk driver simply cannot drive — a law in 31 states already.


Additionally, lawmakers must enact legislation making Georgia the 33rd state to require the use of ignition interlocks for anyone who seeks driving privileges after a DUI.”


The Georgia Supreme Court’s expansive opinion decided February 18, 2019 is available to read online.


Please join MADD at the Georgia State Capitol on February 26, 2019 for its annual legislative day and press conference to highlight the continued increase in drunk driving deaths in Georgia. A press conference, a rally, and a moment of silence will take place inside the Georgia State Capitol to raise awareness of MADD victim services, and to let victims know that they always have a place at MADD. The press conference will being at 1:00pm on the 2nd floor of the South Wing.