Instructions for 2020 Team Alley Submissions for TN Virtual Walk Like MADD

We invite all of our Tennessee Virtual and Drive-Thru Walk Like MADD Victim Teams to create a Virtual Team Table video for inclusion on our Virtual Team Alley page. If you’ve ever been to a live Walk Like MADD event, you have seen our “Team Alley,” where each Victim Team brings photos and momentos to help us get to know their loved one who was killed or injured in an impaired driving crash or underage drinking incident.  For our Virtual Team Alley, we are inviting teams to provide us a similar way of getting to know their loved one by submitting a video version of their table.

We suggest you create an actual “table” at home like the one you would have created for the live event. Then make a video where you show us the items on display and maybe explain their significance and why you have included them. However, one benefit of a Virtual Team Table, is that you’re not required to literally set-up an actual table. If you prefer, take us on a video tour of your home showing us your photos and momentos as they are displayed there. The idea is to present a representation of your “Team Table” in whatever way you are most comfortable, to help us get to know the person for whom you are walking.

At the bottom of this page are some photos of Team Tables displayed at some of our past live events. They will give you ideas for what items you may want to include. There are also links to past Facebook Live broadcasts where our staff visited Team Tables to talk to family members and friends about the items on display. Every Team Table is unique. But feel free to use the photos and the video links for inspiration to create your own video.

Here are a few tips for creating your video:


  1. Do a quick test before you start.
    • Make sure the lighting is good and we can clearly see everything you’re showing us. (Bringing in a lamp from another room temporarily or opening/closing the curtains to control the light can improve the visual appearance of your video.)
    • Make sure the audio is good and we can clearly hear what you are saying. (Removing outside distractions can improve the audio. i.e. if the dog might bark, perhaps putting it outside or in a crate while you film would be helpful. Also, if your test shows the sound is muffled, check to make sure your hand isn’t covering and muffling the microphone on your camera/phone.)
    • Check what’s in the background. (We don’t care, but if it bothers you for folks to see you haven’t washed the dinner dishes yet, you may want to do that first.)
  2. Make sure to introduce yourself when you start and tell us how you are connected to the person for whom you are walking. (You may want to consider having another family member assist by acting as the camera operator while you talk and point out the items.)
  3. If your doing an actual table, give us a view of the whole table at first, then move to the individual items, showing us a closer view as you talk about each one.
  4. Don’t move too quickly past each item. It’s ok to linger for a few seconds so viewers can get a good look. Also, moving the camera too quickly or too often can sometimes make people dizzy.
  5. Keep your video to 10 minutes maximum please so that the file is not too large.

How do I submit my video?


Once you are finished, click the appropriate link below, to upload your file to MADD Tennessee. Then, watch for it to be added to our Virtual Team Alley page. (You should see it within a day or two.) If you have any technical difficulties, contact [email protected].

Link to upload Virtual Team Alley Submissions for East TN Virtual Walk Like MADD

Link to upload Virtual Team Alley Submissions for West TN Virtual Walk Like MADD

Link to upload Virtual Team Alley Submissions for Middle TN Drive-Thru Walk Like MADD

Sample Team Alley Victim Table Photos from Past Live Walk Like MADD Events