Brandon Ross, Tennessee State Advisory Board Member

Brandon Ross has worked in the alcohol monitoring industry for over nine years.  He is the  President/Owner and COO for two ignition interlock companies operating in Tennessee and South Carolina and represents the Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers on the MADD Tennessee State Advisory Board.


He says, “I love business.  I love my company and what we do.  I build empires!”  But he sees a bigger purpose in  what he does for a living.  He talks about family members who have thanked him for helping to stop their loved ones from driving drunk and he is passionate about saving lives.  He calls being asked to join the MADD Tennessee State Advisory Board “one of the most honorable requests of me.”


His connection to business makes him the perfect fit as the Advisory Board Leadership Chair charged with helping to recruit new Board Members for MADD Tennessee.  “I feel that I can help strengthen MADD Tennessee’s Board with exceptional leadership,” he says.  He also serves on the Tennessee State Advisory Board Legislation Committee.


Brandon, who recently married his wife, Jennifer, in 2016,  says he enjoys time with his family and making new memories with his wife.  He loves boating and travelling, is involved with his church and Republican groups, and is active in the Air B&B community.