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Shocking Numbers Revealed of Repeat DUI Offenders

A recent report shows that the United States still has a problem with drinking and driving. More importantly, upon further research into the data, we have a problem with people drinking far too much, and then killing someone while they’re behind the wheel.

We have heard it time and time again; “Don’t drink and drive.” Obviously, not enough people listen. A third of all motor vehicle-related deaths involved the consumption of alcohol. While last year saw a dip of about 300 alcohol-related car accident deaths, we are seeing a much bigger problem arising.

The problem has surfaced. During the research, it was discovered that 91% of the drivers operating vehicles at or above a .08% BAC in all of the nations fatal accidents had prior convictions for driving while impaired. That means less than 10% of these accidents that ended lives after a night of drinking were first-time offenders.

It is clear that the new shift of attention is focusing on those high-risk repeat offenders. Finding a way to even stop a fraction of that 91% of repeat offenders means saving tens of thousands of lives in a single year.

Potential Plans

49 of the 50 states have a legal drinking limit of .08% BAC in order to legally operate a motor vehicle. However, the one state that doesn’t abide by this law is Utah. Utah has a more strict limit of .05%. Is this something that would work?

This might not be the most effective way to combat this problem. Over 60% of the offenders in these cases had a BAC nearly double the legal limit in the 49 states. With two-thirds of the fatal accidents having a BAC of three times the legal limit of Utah, it’s safe to say something more can be done.

Harsher penalties for repeat offenders may be the best way to prevent these individuals from getting behind the wheel. Doubling the fines, sending people to rehabilitation treatments, and mandatory jail time may cause people to think twice about making the same mistake multiple times. Also, increasing the penalties every time could potentially add to the incentive to find a sober ride.

There are also more positive routes to take in order to teach the previous lawbreakers. Positive reinforcement for high-risk offenders could help get them clean and stay sober. Positive influence to enhance the road to recovery as a whole would be a better route to take in order to accomplish multiple issues in one swing.

These offenders have underlying problems that aren’t being dealt with properly. Just adding more problems to their problems would only have negative counter-effects. Positive pieces for them to look forward to and reinforcing the idea of clean and sober would be far more beneficial.

Hit by a Drunk Driver?

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